How to participate?

Be part of the first edition of the Strange Publications project, vol.1.

This project will include pieces from 20* artists including illustrators, visual artists, designers and enthusiasts, amongst others.

If you would like to take part in this publication, follow the instructions below!

The theme is SEX AND TABOO.

The deadline is February 15th, 2013.

How to participate:

What should I send?
How would you interpret the theme SEX AND TABOO visually? That’s what you should send!

We would like to emphasize that all artworks will be previously approved. Pieces that do not suit the theme will not be published.

Send an e-mail to with the information stated below. The e-mail may not exceed 10MB. If necessary, compress the larger files in *.zip format.

Email information:

• Name
• E-mail
• Website
• City, state, country
• Text about the image in 400 characters or less.


Send us your artwork about the theme.
It doesn’t have to be unpublished or a brand new work.

• File format: .jpg, .png
• File name: your_name_number_sequence.jpg (and other formats)
• Series must be ordered in order of presentation
• The arts must be in BLACK AND WHITE, only!
• Maximum of 10 images
• Size for landscape images: 1920×1200px
• Size for portrait images: 960×1200px
• Minimum resolution: 150dpi

* If we receive a amount way bigger than the original planned, we will make the book bigger 😀

© Copyright
In sending your material to Strange Publications, you guarantee that you are the author of the images and take responsibility in having all the permissions for use of the models’ image. You also allow the magazine Strange Publications to utilize all copyrights and images at no cost. Not all artworks will be published due to space and editorial issues.


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