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– Is this goin’ to be a digital mag? – No, it will be a printed book.

– Do I receive anything for sending in my art? – Yes, you’ll make friends and have your work published and spread around the globe. See, this is a non-profit project so no one is getting anything. We just want to spread terror around, you know?

– How much will the book cost? – We don’t know yet, but we’re planning on selling it for the same price as it costs to be made. It’ll be cheap for everybody to buy it without thinking twice and no one gets anything. Again, we’re working for free here, man! Hehehe…

– Will I be able to buy it from the US, CANADA, EUROPE, ASIA and all? – Yes, we’ll sell it using PayPal and ship it ourselves. You pay for the taxes and fees, though!

– I have a zine of my own, a book or something like a collective piece in the shape of a book. Can we trade? – You know, that sounds cool, so… probably yes.

– Can I participate in every edition? – Yes. You sure can, man.

– Will you let me know when the book is published? Yes, I’ll let everyone who was invited and selected know when the book is out.

– Am I goin’ to be famous for being published in this book? Nah man. If you want to be famous, – like, really really famous – go out and burn down a church. Then people will know your name.

– Do you guys plan on sending the artists a copy of the book once it’s released? Yes, but we can’t promise you that for now. If we get financial support from a brand filled with cash or someone that wants to support the project, that’s the first thing we’ll do.

– Where are you guys from? We’re from Brazil.

– Is that why your english is so fucked up? Yes.

– Why are you doing this? See, we love the idea of having the things we like printed on paper. We see so much cool stuff around the globe, made by awesome designers but there’s nothing cool like that happening in Brazil right now. Only a lot of blogs, Facebook albums etc. So we want to start this movement of printed books filled with relatively unknown artists. Why do only the mainstream ones get to print their stuff? Not anymore!

– Can I tell my friends about this and invite them? Yes, please. The more, the merrier.



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